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The Dangers of Ticks

In early Spring, ticks will wake from dormancy, carrying Lyme’s disease, Babesiosis and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. When bit by a tick you aren’t even able to feel it, their saliva carries an anesthetic, if that’s not bad enough, nymph ticks can be less than 2mm in size making it difficult to even find them on your body.

Contrary to popular belief, ticks are generally not found in your lawn, they like to hide in the wooded areas of your property, your garden beds and even your firewood pile. If you plan on being around these areas it is recommended to wear a long sleeve shirt and pants, we also recommend checking yourself daily for ticks, after all, ticks only need 36-48 hours to pass along the infamous Lyme’s Disease.


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More About Tick Spraying

Our professional tick spraying services are performed by licensed and experienced applicators who are trained to handle tick infestations on a daily basis. Depending on how thorough you would like to be, we can come on a weekly, twice a month, or monthly basis, applicators will spray a border between your lawn and the wooded areas, the garden beds and the lawn areas.


Minutes after being exposed to the product, the ticks will start to die. The product will also stick around as a residual for approximately 30 days, further reducing the foot traffic of ticks on your property.

Our full brand list can be found here:

At this point, tick spraying is our priority. However, you can contact us to learn more about our other services.

We care. 

As a small tick spraying provider, we care about our neighbors, their families and pets. We want to protect our community. 

We can help! The first step is to do a thorough consultation, from there we can schedule your first application and come up with a treatment and protection plan.

Tick spraying is completely safe for your household, you, your kids, and your pets. In fact, we recommend tick spraying over leaving the health of your family to chance while battling disease carrying ticks. 

Simple- it doesn’t work. While we love to use the best, and safest products on the market, we are also looking for the most effective. We have not found organic tick spraying to be an effective solution for tick control.

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